The Ares Operating System

The Ares Operating System #

Ares is a new operating system under development.

System design #

The base of the system is the Helios microkernel. On top of this are several additional layers:

  • Mercury: an environment for device drivers
  • Venus: a collection of real-world drivers for Mercury
  • Gaia: a userspace programming environment
    • Luna: a POSIX programming environment
  • Ares: a high-level operating system; package manager, desktop, etc

At this time, Helios and Mercury are the focus of development. This website collects development resources and documentation to facilitate this work. Resources for end-users are not available at this time.

Contributing #

Source code for all Ares-related projects is available on SourceHut. Various additional resources are available:

We meet in #helios on for development discussions.