Build environment

Mercury build environment #

Note: These docs describe the desired design of Mercury, but these features are not yet complete.

In order to make use of Mercury, the user must activate the Mercury build environment in their shell. This is accomplished by sourcing a shell script which is installed alongside Mercury:

. mercuryenv

This will configure the shell to build drivers for the host architecture. To cross-compile:

. mercuryenv-aarch64

Then simply run make to build a driver.

Driver builds #

The standard driver build configuration begins with a Makefile. This makefile should compile any necessary ipcgen protocols, build the driver manifest, then compile the driver itself with hare build. A “hello world” driver is provided for your reference on SourceHut.

# TODO: Insert example makefile here

The make run command is provided to boot a Helios system with your driver installed to run on system start-up. make gdb will do the same but wait for gdb to be attached; make gdbc from a separate terminal will attach the debugger.